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NEWS: INTRANAV wurde von Inpixon übernommen, dem Innovator von Indoor Intelligence für Menschen, Orte und Dinge. Website besuchen.  |  MITTEILUNG LESEN



In daily warehouse and intralogistics processing, there is a high time pressure, from picking, packing, sorting to transporting the goods. While managing manual and semi-automated warehouses, travel and search times consume a large amount of time. In many cases, they take up to 80% or more…

▶️ Real-time location data provided by an RTLS (Real Time Location System) is needed to optimize intralogistics in the warehouse. With INTRANAV, real-time location data of your goods and forklift fleet – generated by various sensors from mixed RTLS technologies (INTRANAV.Ultra-Wideband and RFID) – is immediately available. The INTRANAV.IO RTLS platform generates a digital twin thus the “VIRTUAL Storage” APP of the rack or block warehouse. The real-time warehouse status, pallet movements, goods receipts, and goods issues can be monitored via “VIRTUAL Storage” APP. INTRANAV helps you reduce search times, improve employee productivity and shorten throughput times.

▶️ The digital twin of a pallet, a container, or forklift delivers the relevant data to the process flow. Using events based on the current location information and product identification, warehouse processes such as initiating transport orders, printing delivery bills and invoices, notifying the customer of shipments, and creating pickup orders for the carriers can be triggered and smartly controlled.

▶️ With the integrated RTLS data analysis suite “INTRALYTICS” material flows can be mapped and analyzed. Use this real-time data to optimize your inventory movement flows, warehouse occupancy times, capacity utilization, inventory turnover, inventory accuracy, internal order cycle time, or inventory shrinkage per structured data integration via CSV in your preferred analytics systems.

▶️ Learn more about the INTRANAV.APP VIRTUAL Storage!

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