Independent Real-Time Location & Sensor Data Service Provider
for the Digital Twin

Enabling DIGITAL Supply Chain, SMART Factory & Warehouse

Precise real-time localization & sensor data as a premise for intelligent and safe networking of industrial processes

The complexity within logistics and production is increasing rapidly. Therefore, we at INTRANAV understand the necessity of digital networking of all industrial business processes in order to be able to track, analyze and continuously optimize processes on the shop floor as well as on a global level.

Our mission is for companies to implement the Artificial Digital Twin in RTLS IIoT platforms in order to use INTRANAV Real-Time Location & Sensor Data to meet the challenges of industrial digitalization within intralogistics, SMART Factory and DIGITAL Supply Chain.

Scalable real-time location & RTLS solutions for intralogistics & production

INTRANAV is a comprehensive real-time IoT platform for the implementation of industrial RTLS (Track & Trace) applications for Indoor & Outdoor areas such as vehicle localisation, production tracking, yard management, gate allocation, forklift location (MHE), real-time route optimisation or the automatic identification and booking of goods and material flows (AutoID).