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INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence
for Use with SAP® Management Products

Location intelligence for reliable industrial processes

Location Data Intelligence for Use with SAP® Manufacturing and Logistics Management Products

With INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence, your relevant physical objects (For example, handling units and other components of a customer order) and transport vehicles are digitally connected to SAP® management products, such as SAP® Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP® Manufacturing Execution (ME), SAP® S/4HANA or SAP® Supply Chain Management (SCM). The real-time location and process data is generated by the INTRANAV.IO platform and INTRANAV Multi-RTLS technology and consistently synchronized with the SAP® management products.


Location Intelligence for Use with SAP® Management Systems:

Process mapping of the inventory in the warehouse, on the production line or in the yard as a digital twin
Process monitoring through track and trace of production, transport and material flows
Location-based process automation of relevant workflows on the store and production floor
Process analysis based on real-time location data


Benefit from dynamic transfer order management and control, scan-free operations, synchronization between physical inventory and SAP® management systems, plausibility at the production line, status alerts, and error-free operations.

SAP® Win through Logistics – Intelligent Warehouses with INTRANAV, an Inpixon company

Manuel Flurbacher, SAP and Ersan Günes, INTRANAV, an Inpixon company

Advantages through INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence
for Use with SAP® Management Products

  • 1

    Optimization of material flow utilization

    Through intelligent linking of location & sensor data of MHE & material as well as the dynamic assignment of transport orders together with modern ERP and WMS management systems.

  • 2

    Reduction of idle and throughput times as well as idle cycles

    Through real-time optimization of transport orders, resources, intelligent routing and the elimination of barcode scanning through AUTO-ID and recognition systems.


  • 3

    Reduction of booking efforts and errors

    Through virtual zones, all cycle-related production feedback is automatically posted to SAP® in real-time.

  • 4

    Reduction of material merging errors

    Thanks to the continuous real-time tracking of load carriers, the entire manufacturing process is mapped transparently as a digital twin. System comparisons with SAP check the plausibility of the components for the further assembly process.

  • 5

    Reduction of inefficiencies and errors in workflows

    Through real-time process interlock, digitized workflows, machine learning-based plausibility checks, predictive analytics, and alerts.

  • 6

    Reduced material delivery times through automated replenishment control

    Through real-time data-driven production line feeding by route train or the digitized forklift fleet.

Process optimization key figures that our customer achieved with INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence when used with SAP® EWM

Process Virtualization Platform

The main functions at a glance

  • Auto Identification with RTLS

  • Dynamic transport
    order management
    and control

  • Digital & visual
    pallet capture
    (inbound to outbound)

  • Scannerless goods transport

  • Autonomous
    plausibility check
    in variant production

  • Automatic cycle feedback
    on the assembly line

  • Paperless manufacturing &
    initiating workflows

  • Dynamic material

  • Display of sequence- & order-related
    information (assembly line)

Digital Products for Use with SAP® Management Systems

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Extended Warehouse Management


    INTRANAV revolutionizes warehouse and transport handling for the first time with the Smart Warehouse Solution. The INTRANAV.RTLS VehicleTAG+, which is installed on the vehicle fleet (forklift, AGV, route train), ensures scanner-free and optimized goods transport. The transport and goods movements are tracked in real-time and mapped in digitized form on the INTRANAV.IO platform. While the pallet is on the forklift truck, booking processes from inbound to outbound are automatically booked in SAP® EWM. The last storage location in the rack storage or other buffer stations is also recorded in SAP® EWM by software-based touch and endpoint identification.


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    Virtual zones in the warehouse automatically initiate the transport order jobs of the vehicles, INTRANAV.APPs ensure an optimal transport order distribution of the vehicle fleet with a transport order pool and take into account the forklift availability as well as an optimized routing of the vehicles. Integrated sensors ensure transport safety and collision avoidance.


    Retrograde reports based on real-time location data now also enable optimization potential of the entire material flow; weak points and waste can be analyzed at a glance.

    Learn more about SMART Warehouse

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Manufacturing Execution


    With INTRANAV Smart Manufacturing, the entire manufacturing flow is transparent and traceable in real-time as a digital twin via the INTRANAV.IO platform. Through RTLS Intelligence, INTRANAV VIRTUAL Manufacturing provides the basis for pre- and main assembly synchronization of cycles, cycle-related picking (large components) but also for autonomous generation of transport orders.


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    With the connection to manufacturing management software such as SAP® Manufacturing Execution, information can be provided at higher levels, initiating subsequent orders and information processes. For example, cycle confirmations of racks/transportation equipment/containers can be automatically posted in SAP® Manufacturing Execution based on the location on the production line. Automatic plausibility checks based on location data at the assembly line supports process reliability for subsequent assembly. Physical Assembly Groups are digitally connected with INTRANAV, enabling paperless tracking of production orders in all assembly branches.


    The integration of structured location data into systems such as SAP® Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence allows extensive process optimization of the production and material flow.

    Learn more about SMART Manufacturing

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Manufacturing Execution 


    With INTRANAV Paperless Factory, production-relevant information such as accompanying slips or production orders are provided interactively by e-ink displays (electronic displays), adjustable and in real-time. The respective production status can be retrieved on the display depending on the location and production cycle. Requirements or status feedback are transmitted to SAP® Manufacturing Execution, SAP® Extended Warehouse Management or SAP® Yard Logistics with the push of a button. The real-time availability of the data ensures short distances and clear instructions, which increases the productivity of employees and accelerates manufacturing processes.


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    Through the interface to SAP® Manufacturing Execution, SAP® Extended Warehouse Management or SAP® Yard Logistics, location-based information can be used to block or release processes. Automated workflows initiate further processes, such as locking of safety zones (so-called quality blocking or release) or initiate pickup orders.

    Learn more about Paperless Factory

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Yard Logistics


    With the help of INTRANAV’s intelligent process virtualization platform and the digital twin, your previous process flows and interactions with SAP® Logistics Business Network, SAP® Yard Logistics or, for example, SAP® Transportation Resource Planning are brought to a “virtualized level” and intelligently automated there with the help of this new data level.


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    With INTRANAV, you monitor, control and manage the entire handling process via the INTRANAV RTLS IoT platform, from goods receipt to goods issue, including the complex loading and unloading traffic at the loading ramps. Authorization steps that were previously performed manually, e.g. via physical logistics terminals on-site, as well as the entire yard communication, ramp access control including ramp allocation, take place with INTRANAV through virtual linking and location tracking of the vehicles as a digitized and interconnected plant logistics process.


    INTRANAV VIRTUAL Yard Management coordinates and controls all movements of internal transport vehicles and ensures efficient and resource-optimized plant logistics through real-time optimized handling processes and parking space information on the plant site. With INTRANAV, you benefit from shorter throughput and waiting times as well as from an increase in transport and goods throughput, thereby reducing costs and increasing the productivity of the entire logistics operation.

    Learn more about VIRTUAL Yard

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Management Products for Logistics and Manufacturing


    SMART Factory:


    The application areas for INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence for SMART Factory include “Production & Assembly Line Automation”, “Material Replenishment (eKanban) & Real-Time Production Process Tracking” and “Tool and Robotic Handling”.


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    By integrating real-time location data into SAP® management products for manufacturing, such as SAP® Manufacturing Execution, processes can be tracked and workflows automated. This provides process clarity, stability, and security, and can also shorten process times.


    Real-time location data also provides important data when it comes to maintenance; with IIoT, parameter values of objects and machines can be monitored reliably and predictively.


    In order to keep the production output constant, relevant characteristic times must be evaluated. Real-time location data provides actual data without delay to analyze granular cycle measurements, zone dwell times, work cycles, just-in-sequence provisioning and more. For this purpose, INTRANAV products such as INTRANAV.APP Flow Status or INTRALYTICS can be used or the data can be integrated into SAP® dashboards.


    SMART Warehouse:


    The application areas for INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence for SMART Warehouse include “Warehouse Automation”, “Intelligent AGV Management”, “Social Distance Management” and “Workforce Safety”. By integrating real-time location data into SAP® management products for (intra-)logistics, such as SAP® Extended Warehouse Management, processes can also be tracked and workflows automated on the shopfloor, and high-level information can be provided. Resources can be dynamically controlled, goods movements and updates can be automated and performed without scanners, search times can be reduced, empty runs can be avoided and throughput can be increased.


    Virtual zones can be defined in INTRANAV.IO by Drag and Drop. These zones are used to identify posting processes such as incoming and outgoing goods, intermediate storage or transport processes in real-time without the use of scanners and to post them fully automatically to SAP® EWM.


    Transsport orders can be consolidated into an order pool to optimize movement sequences, and networking with all store floor participants (objects and vehicles) ensures an automated exchange of information and status. Different priorities can be assigned and AGVs, depending on availability and position, can be automatically allocated to open transport orders.

    Learn more about SMART Factory
    Learn more about SMART Warehouse

  • INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence provides extended functionality for users of SAP® Management Products for Logistics and Manufacturing 


    Industry 4.0 begins with the digital networking of warehouses and manufacturing, which includes the necessary capture and digitization of the movements of process-relevant transport vehicles and objects, such as containers, load carriers, equipment, vehicles, and in sectors that require a high level of personal safety, people as well. The collection of this data is a prerequisite for planning, optimization, and quality assurance processes.


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    With INTRANAV Multi-RTLS technology, cost-effective and application-specific location technologies can be deployed and combined, e.g. RFID, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Wirepas or BLE. The integration of location data into SAP® logistics and supply chain as well as manufacturing products or asset performance products provide the basis for system and process synchronization, transparency and collaboration of further processes.

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INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence for Use with

Success Stories of our customers:
Optimized industrial processes through INTRANAV RTLS Intelligence and the use with SAP® Management Products

  • SMART Factory: Optimization and quality assurance of process steps on the production line

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  • INTRANAV Warehouse Solution eCommerce Logistic

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  • Paperless Factory: Dynamic workflows optimize production processes in powder manufacturing

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INTRANAV supports RTLS data integration
into the following SAP® products

Logistics and Supply Chain:

SAP® Extended Warehouse Management
SAP® Logistics Business Network
SAP® Yard Logistics
SAP® Transportation Resource Planning
SAP® Supply Chain Management


SAP® Manufacturing Execution
SAP® S/4HANA Manufacturing
SAP® Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence
SAP® Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Optimization of the Asset Performance:

SAP® Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)

SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP® SE or its affiliates in Germany and in several other countries.

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Highest process transparency
through INTRANAV real-time location data

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