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Digital Transport Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Location Tracking

Intelligent transport flow for efficient
material flow supply

With INTRANAV’s Real-time Location System, you can obtain 10 cm (±) precise location positions of your vehicles in real time indoors and also monitor loading and unloading in the yard, as well as the status of your deliveries. In connection with ERP/EWM systems, all bookings can be automated and digitalized. Analyze your work efficiency with the tracking data obtained and then improve the routes of your vehicle fleet for optimal use of resources along the supply chain.

in handling of transport vehicles

  • Location & search times

    Long search times for the location of individual vehicles, no overall view of the vehicle fleet and current transport orders.


    Real-time overview and location accuracy of transport traffic on the shop floor, in outdoor areas or on international routes.

  • Additional manual operations of forklift drivers

    Drivers often have to get out of the driver cockpit for manual processes to perform all tasks, such as scanning, labeling, checking, inspecting stackable pallet units, etc.. This takes up a large part of the actual activity (driving the forklift) and slows down the process.


    Manual work processes are replaced by intelligent IIoT and RTLS technology, such as Auto-ID on the vehicle, automated triggering of processes.

  • Traceability of routes covered

    Traveled routes cannot be retraced. A tool for route tracking, evaluation and route optimization is missing.


    Reliable and automated analyses of route and transport vehicle utilisation to optimise the flow of transport vehicles.

  • Efficient route selection & avoidance of traffic jams

    Routes are taken according to the order situation, not taking into account the current traffic situation on the shop floor, thus causing detours or traffic jams.


    Automatic selection of the most efficient transport routes, alternative route sections through the connection of transport control systems.

Increase of the total process flow
through INTRANAV transport vehicle tracking

  • 1

    Process monitoring

    Precise location information guarantees the exact allocation of the means of transport as well as an overall overview through the visualization of the vehicle positions.

  • 2

    Location-based automation

    With the combination of RTLS technology and RTLS software you control the transport and goods flow (assets, load carriers, vehicles) in intralogistics as well as in the yard. Warehouse event trigger controls the automatic transport orders of the vehicles, INTRANAV.APPs ensure an optimal transport order distribution of the fleet through a transport order pool and take into account the forklift availability.

  • 3

    Process safety

    Compliance with the temporal transport flow by monitoring the transport vehicles enables timely intervention in case of incidents.

  • 4

    Optimal route utilization

    Manual evaluation of travel times, routes and workload is no longer necessary, but is replaced by fully automated reporting. With connection to control systems, optimal routes are automatically suggested to the vehicles.

INTRANAV realizes the holistic localization of your transport vehicles as a foundation for your Smart Factory

Find out which tracking options you can realize with us using ultra-wideband technology to monitor your vehicle fleet.

Forklift Tracking

Indoor & yard management

  • Goods and transport monitoring of the forklift fleet on the shopfloor (indoor) and in the yard (outdoor) through live display on the INTRANAV.IO Map
  • Scannerless goods transport through the forklift (Auto-Ident through integrated UWB & RFID technology)
  • Increase of goods flow order processing by location-based navigation of the drivers
  • Route and vehicle utilization optimization
  • Goods bulk recording and booking in SAP or WMS system with RFID
  • Automatic event initiation of processes (e.g. gate opening, warning lights, etc.)
  • Cargo monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
  • Alerts in case of critial situations, process interruptions or when entering unauthorized zones on the premises
  • Route optimization through navigation and route utilization reports
  • Safety management enables collision avoidance
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Route Train Tracking

Indoor & yard management

  • Precise positioning of the route trains on the shop floor (indoor) and in the yard (outdoor) through live display on the INTRANAV.IO Map
  • Route and vehicle utilisation optimisation
  • Automated triggering of processes (e.g. door opening, warning lights, etc.)
  • Cargo monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
  • Cargo monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
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Tracking of driverless transport systems


  • Precise positioning of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) on the shop floor (indoor) and through live display on the INTRANAV.IO Map
  • Route and vehicle utilisation optimisation
  • Automated triggering of processes (e.g. door opening, warning lights, etc.)
  • Cargo monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
  • Warnings in case of dangerous situations, process interruptions or if unauthorised zones are entered on the premises
  • Connection to transport vehicle guidance systems also enables fully automatic route optimisation as well as calculation and taking of the most efficient routes. Collisions are a thing of the past thanks to integrated safety systems.
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Supply Chain tracking

Indoor, yard & global management

  • Precise positioning of the truck fleet in the yard (outdoor) and on global routes through live display on the INTRANAV.IO map
  • High location accuracy through GPS tracking technology
  • Global charge carrier monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
  • Notification of process interruptions
  • Zone alerting (e.g. notification on arrival or departure from the yard)
  • Automated triggering of processes (e.g. door opening, warning lights, etc.)
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Optimization through transport vehicle tracking
with the use of INTRANAV

  • Increase in productivity and speed

    Reduce empty runs and detours, manual operations, and scanning operations through location-based automation of the entire transport vehicle fleet.

  • Increase in efficiency

    Reduction of search efforts and throughput times, transport travel time optimization through most efficient route selection.

  • Decrease costs

    Increased vehicle utilisation, through efficient use of the vehicle fleet allows for higher material and transport handling. Optimal route utilization reduces fuel and personnel costs.

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