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Workforce Safety Management

Real-time location tracking

Increased occupational safety through
INTRANAV Work Safety

Employees are an important part of your factory. In some cases, as in the current COVID-19 pandemic, or for security or training purposes, it is important to track people with respect to privacy (no personal data) in order to take immediate security measures in case of incidents. Learn more about INTRANAV Work Safety.

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Challenges in
employee safety in the factory and warehouse

  • Long search times for occupational accidents

    Help for injured employees often arrives too late or not in time because the scene of the accident cannot be found quickly enough.


    Fast reaction in case of accidents at work and finding the place of the accident. INTRANAV SMART sensors can be used in an emergency to provide information about the fall or impact (shock, temperature and humidity) as well as an alarm message via the INTRANAV.IO platform.

  • Entering unauthorised zones on the shop floor

    Persons can unintentionally enter unauthorized areas or danger zones, which can lead to personal injury or production interruptions.


    Secure coordination of persons as well as monitoring of access restrictions and alarms when unauthorised zones are entered.

  • Inefficient use of resources

    Personnel comply with non-prescribed processes or have to take unnecessary detours in order to fulfill all work orders.


    INTRALYTICS enables real-time analyses of the work route as well as zone utilization and zone deployment of employees. After evaluation an efficient allocation of employee resources can be made.

Safety and fast intervention
in case of incidents on the shop floor

  • 1

    Process safety and increased occupational safety on the shop floor

    Real-time location of people ensures a smooth process flow in logistics and production. Thus, appropriate actions can be initiated in time in case of incidents.

  • 2

    Fast navigation

    In the event of an incident or emergency, technicians can be navigated to the incident location via the shortest route.

  • 3

    Quick reaction in case of industrial accidents by SMART sensors

    INTRANAV SMART sensors provide information about fall or impact, shock, temperature and humidity and can issue an alarm message via the INTRANAV.IO Suite in case of value deviations. This serves, among other things, to quickly identify accidents at work of your employees.

Increased occupational safety
through INTRANAV work safety

Learn how to implement the highest safety standards for the occupational safety of your employees with real-time tracking.

Security zone tracking

Indoor & yard management

  • Fast response to industrial accidents: INTRANAV SMART sensors can provide information about fall or impact (shock, temperature and humidity) and output an alarm message via the INTRANAV.IO suite
  • Connection to safety guard possible
  • Real-time location information about the exact location of the person enables fast response times so that fault clearance and rescue work can be initiated in good time
  • Secure coordination and monitoring of access restrictions: Alarm when entering unauthorized zones
  • Rapid information on where an authorised technician is located and to what extent this person is the right contact person in the event of an incident (Paperless Factory: calling up the technician’s areas of responsibility)
  • Fast navigation of the technician to the right place of the incident / emergency
  • Massive reduction of costs by avoiding waiting times during production stops
  • Strategic employee resource allocation for optimal workload
  • Insurance verification for accidents at work
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Insurance verification for accidents at work

Indoor & yard management

  • Evaluation of evacuation times and effectiveness of occupational safety training
  • Evaluation of compliance with all specified work steps for process critical tasks
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MTM Analyse


  • Planning and modelling of workflows with MTM process modules in the preparation phase and analysis
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Optimization through occupational safety tracking
with the use of INTRANAV

  • Efficient allocation of employee resources

    With the generated position data of employees, INTRALYTICS can, for example, create zone utilization reports, which, after evaluation, enable you to achieve optimal employee allocation and workload.

  • Insurance certificates for accidents at work

    Tracking can also be used to verify precise location information of the employee afterwards.

  • Decrease costs

    Fast intervention in case of production incidents can avoid long waiting times caused by production downtimes.

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