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Multi-RTLS Technology: Advantages and Use Cases

Real-time location and process automation with the
INTRANAV.IO Platform and Multi-RTLS

The future for holistic, industrial digitization projects based on Multi-RTLS

Reliable real-time data from machines and sensors are an essential element for intelligent process control in today’s automated factory, logistics, and supply chain. For the implementation of sophisticated Industry 4.0 strategies, the use of Multi-RTLS technology proves to be an essential necessity for all further digitization and automation projects. With Multi-RTLS technology, new, innovative processes for complex use cases can be built or implemented in existing scenarios, such as seamless track & trace between indoor and outdoor areas or process workflows that fulfill further automation.

Whether multimodal RTLS from INTRANAV or third-party technology, the RTLS platform INTRANAV.IO eases the complexity for the user to take care of the management and orchestration of different hardware technologies. All RTLS technologies can be connected and used simultaneously. INTRANAV.IO manages all tracking data and orchestrates it for further data interaction and transfer into existing software system landscapes.

Advantages through hybrid RTLS technology

  • 1

    Flexible RTLS technology combinations

    For the implementation of complex, industrial use cases with real-time location, the use of one location technology is often not sufficient, as it quickly reaches its limits due to the specific requirements.


    Through the INTRANAV.RTLS Hub, INTRANAV positioning technologies as well as third party (RTLS) technologies can be used flexibly and depending on the use case, and their data, including workflow control and analysis, can be orchestrated via the INTRANAV.IO platform.

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    Signal stability and reliability for seamless industrial processes

    Indoor and outdoor areas are virtually connected by Multi-RTLS technology, which enables seamless real-time tracking. Even in application scenarios with complex factors, such as changing environments, interference from metal, harsh environments, and other high demands on tracking accuracy, Multi-RTLS technology keep tracking signal strength stable, enabling high reliability in auto-ID processes as well as digital workflows.

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    Unlimited scalability and cost efficiency

    Whether in the warehouse, at the production plant, in the external warehouse or yard – with constant changes and growth, the orders of magnitude in tracking applications and process automation also change. Depending on the use case, INTRANAV finds the best composition of RTLS hardware and technology components to fit your processes.

What distinguishes INTRANAV.IO from other providers?

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are based on various technologies such as Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi, GPS, Ultrasound, RFID, LiDAR or 5G. In most cases, each RTLS hardware system manufacturer has its own “standards” and mapping systems, which means that the user must commit to one provider and is thereby restricted in further scaling or just inflexible.


➜  INTRANAV.IO can be easily integrated into strategic digitization projects and is available for the cloud, hybrid edge cloud, and on-premises due to its independent microservice architecture. INTRANAV.IO also supports standards such as OMLOX and ISO/IEC.


INTRANAV.IO can be used to develop applications based on a wide variety of RTLS data, plus it already comes with a variety of ready-to-use applications for logistics and production!

with multimodal RTLS technology

Seamless transport vehicle tracking
between indoor and outdoor areas

UWB, (RFID) and GPS precise

  • Stable location signal, whether indoor or outdoor: Seamless real-time tracking and positioning of the forklift fleet, with regular transport traffic between warehouse, manufacturing and outdoor storage.
  • INTRANAV Fleet Manager for resource utilization monitoring and transport order management as a basis for efficient transport order coordination and monitoring.
  • Scannerless posting of incoming and outgoing goods or process status posting in SAP (with AutoID) by the forklift truck.
  • Position-based initiation of process workflows: e.g. generation of transport orders or delivery bill and invoice generation when leaving the outbound zone.
  • Alerts for process-critical situations: The process priorization with data synchronization through SAP systems enables that e.g. temporarily stored products and associated transport tasks can be processed with priority according to delivery dates and temporal manufacturing specifications.
  • Quick navigation to the destination through position display on the live map.
  • Real-time tracking of goods flows as well as digital inventory overview of the actual storage location.
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End-to-end material flow monitoring and process automation:
From the production line to international shipping

UWB, GPS and SMART Sensors

  • Material tracking (track and trace) on the shopfloor: Load carriers and route trains (Was the container positioned at the intended location? Was the corresponding material delivered correctly?)
  • SMART Factory: Production order tracking along the production line
  • Automatic (scannerless) cycle feedback on the production line: INTRANAV provides real-time data to the ERP system
  • Sequencing monitoring: automatic (scannerless) plausibility check of the components
  • Zone-based control of automatic plant systems (e.g. display of production-related information for employees)
  • Line Balancing / Production Leveling: Granular cycle control to keep production output constant. Analysis of zone dwell times enables evaluation of whether work cycles are correctly calculated or whether adjustments, so-called “levelling”, are necessary.
  • Tracking of goods from the production line into the yard all the way to international shipping: location monitoring and Global Condition Monitoring: temperature, humidity, acceleration (vibration) through real-time Sensor Data Monitoring. 🠖 Detection of loss, theft, and damage
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Scannerless transport of pallets

UWB, RFID (or QR Code)

  • Automatic identification and booking of incoming (and outgoing) goods with RFID by the INTRANAV.RTLS VehicleTAG+ on the fork of the truck
  • Goods and forklift fleet tracking (track and trace with UWB) in the warehouse
  • All transport orders are collected and orchestrated via the INTRANAV.APP Transport Pool. The transport fleet will be allocated to new transport orders depending on the availability of drivers.
  • Via the INTRANAV.APP Transport Driver, the forklift driver receives all assigned transport orders on its screen and can thus store the goods on the fastest way by displaying the shortest route*. The APP specifies the aisle, the storage position and the shelf. (*Depending on the customer’s specific warehousing requirements, this can be taken into account and implemented by INTRANAV).
  • As soon as the goods are stored in the rack, this last tracking station in the INTRANAV system is understood as a VIRTUAL endpoint. Thanks to integrated direction and height sensors, storage in high racks is also recorded correctly.
  • Automated warehouse control through warehouse triggers and process virtualization
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Paperless production: Digital monitoring and control of the intralogistics & assembly flow

With E-Ink tags and UWB

  • The combination of RTLS and E-Ink Labels enables the digitization of manufacturing workflows and their accompanying production documents, avoiding manual data entry efforts and the need for manual updates. The batch/status update of the e-ink is done automatically via the real-time location of the container in connection to ERP/and or MES systems
  • Automated workflows trigger subsequent processes, such as the blocking of safety zones (quality blocking or release) or trigger pickup orders in the SAP System
  • Real-time location and traceability up (±) 10 centimeter
  • Real-time assembly line & manufacturing management
  • Dynamic picking and item lists updated by events and order information
  • ERP / WMS / MES interfaces for visualization of important information in case of changes to achieve maximum flexibility
  • E-Kanban by using the integrated buttons
  • Additional information and work instructions
  • Pick-by-Light for faster picking in the warehouse and on the assembly line
  • Machine information and order progress
  • Complete and continuous documentation
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Investment certainty through Multi-RTLS

  • Higher ROI through most efficient RTLS hardware combinations

    Whether selecting integrated, multimodal INTRANAV.RTLS technology or multiple tracking technologies, INTRANAV will put together the most efficient cost/benefit constellation for a fast ROI.


    If only one tracking technology is used for complex use cases, the costs are often unprofitable, because a higher number of hardware is required to cover the signal constantly and to serve several automation tasks.

  • Wide range of interfaces and expansion options

    Due to the open interface of the RTLS platform INTRANAV.IO, your real-time data can be integrated into SAP environments, Microsoft, Tableau or other industrial systems.

    Whether INTRANAV.RTLS (UWB, RFID, GPS precise..) or third-party technology – both can be connected or processed, e.g. for analysis purposes.

  • Covering multiple use cases

    Through the intelligent selection of hybrid RTLS technology, several application scenarios, such as Track & Trace in connection with digital transaction control or Auto-ID, can be implemented in comparison to the use of only one technology.

Successful digitization projects

In our Success Stories you will learn how our customers implement complex Industry 4.0 solutions with (Multi-) RTLS and how they reach the next level of process efficiency and automation in intralogistics, production and supply chain with INTRANAV.

Learn how these customers are already benefiting from INTRANAV:

  • Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey
  • PERI
  • TB International
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