NEWS: INTRANAV has been acquired by Inpixon, innovators of Indoor Intelligence for people, places and things. Visit to learn more.  |  READ ANNOUNCEMENT

NEWS: INTRANAV wurde von Inpixon übernommen, dem Innovator von Indoor Intelligence für Menschen, Orte und Dinge. Website besuchen.  |  MITTEILUNG LESEN


Industral IoT RTLS Platform

Optimized Operating Processes with Real-Time Location and Automation

INTRANAV.IO is an IIoT platform that enables you to generate, manage and visualize real-time position data. With the platform, you can create digital images of your operations – the “digital twin” – allowing you to make smarter and data-driven decisions in real-time and optimize your processes.
Supported by RTLS sensors from a wide range of technologies, INTRANAV.IO provides complete visibility and control in real-time. Securely connect thousands of assets, vehicles, machines and inventories to overcome siloed industrial processes. The platform also offers location-based automation that can automate workflows and eliminate manual and paper-based processes.

INTRANAV.IO Digital Twin Platform in Action – Live Demo

Position-based Digital Twin for Smart Factory, Warehouse
and Supply Chain

INTRANAV is developed for generating real-time location data of transport containers, industrial trucks such as forklifts and driverless transport vehicles in industrial environments. Digitize and automate your processes in production and logistics with a variety of integrated function modules. INTRANAV.IO is technology-independent and can be operated with various indoor & outdoor RTLS sensors and coupled to target systems using standardized interfaces.

Manage RTLS Devices Easily & Generate Unlimited Added Value


  • RTLS Device Management

  • Live Map & Map Manager

  • Geofences (virtual zones)

  • Numerous interfaces

  • Scalable performance

  • Local (Edge) & for the Cloud

  • End-to-End SECURE platform

  • Simple operation

  • Extensive filter options

Pre-Built Modules to Speed Up your Digitization

INTRANAV.IO forms the framework for all future digitization steps and interlocking automation applications. INTRANAV provides real-time data for any auto-ID scenario. For this purpose, we have various apps for different requirement scenarios that are “docked” to IO.

  • Indoor- & Outdoor Equipment Track & Trace
  • Sensor Data Monitoring
  • Production tracking, Auto-ID
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Navigation and Routen optimization
  • Workflow & Process Management
  • Zone-based Alarms and Event-Trigger
  • Interactive Rules-Engine
  • Container Management
  • Inventory Management

Industry 4.0 Features

Digitization requires rethinking. For the successful development of applications based on real-time location, you need the flexibility to meet the challenges and make your solution a success.


A scalable Enterprise IIoT platform for all RTLS, Ident applications and technologies.


Integrated plug-n-play algorithms for the reliable generation of 1D, 2D and 3D position data (ToF, TWR, TDoA,..)

Industry 4.0 Features

Industrial interfaces
ERP, EWM, CRM, databases, Power BI
SQL Server, and much more.

INTRANAV Customer Use Cases

Multi-RTLS Technology: Advantages and
Use Cases

With multi-RTLS technology, new, innovative processes for complex use cases such as seamless track & trace between indoor and outdoor areas or process workflows that fulfill further automation can be built or implemented in existing scenarios, and by using the RTLS platform INTRANAV. IO it is no longer necessary to take care of the management and orchestrating different hardware technologies, as all RTLS technologies can be coupled and used simultaneously, and INTRANAV.IO manages and orchestrates all location data to enable further data interaction and transfer into existing software system landscapes.

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Process Visibility and Automation with INTRANAV.IO

You want to know how you can use real-time location to make your processes more efficient?

Our team will be happy to advise you with comprehensive know-how from the RTLS world!