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NEWS: INTRANAV wurde von Inpixon übernommen, dem Innovator von Indoor Intelligence für Menschen, Orte und Dinge. Website besuchen.  |  MITTEILUNG LESEN

Smart Factory

Digitalization Solution

Real-time location intelligence solutions
for the factory 4.0

In the intelligent factory of industry 4.0, all production units are digitally linked with each other, so that, for example, driverless transport vehicles can independently complete logistics tasks, assembly robots interact with humans, and machines can independently coordinate production processes. A prerequisite for live reaction and interaction of the respective factory participants is real-time location & sensor data, which bundles the relevant information through IoT platforms (such as INTRANAV.IO) and passes it on to the relevant system, vehicle, or person in real-time. Passive assets, such as tools, means of transport, or machines must be equipped with “eyes and ears”, which is possible with SMART sensors, as well as “hands and feet”, i.e. with RTLS trackers (so-called INTRANAV.RTLS TAGs) in order to communicate and be centrally controlled via RTLS platforms and other systems, such as SAP, Power BI, etc.

Intelligent handling for material, processes
and tools in production

Real-Time Location Solutions for the SMART Factory, enabling live interaction of all factory participants and (partial) automation of manual operations via the INTRANAV.IO Digital Twin platform.

INTRANAV Smart Factory Solution

Digital Twin controls industrial manufacturing complexity: automation of manual production steps with production line digitization from INTRANAV

  • Basis for plausibility of pre- and main assembly synchronism of the bars
  • Real-time location along the production line
  • Automatic (scannerless) cycle feedback on the production line: INTRANAV transmits real-time data to SAP ERP
  • Sequencing monitoring: automatic (scannerless) plausibility check of the components
  • Automatic (scannerless) FAUF carryover when changing the rack
  • Cycle related automation triggers
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INTRANAV Production & Assembly Line Automation

SMART Factory Solution

  • Automatic sequence feedback
  • Line Balancing / Production-Levelling
  • „Just in Sequence” – Supply for the right sequence
  • Add-on for worker information system (Paperless Production)
  • Zone based control of automatic plant systems
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INTRANAV Material Replenishment (eKanban) & Real-Time Production Process Tracking

SMART Factory Solution

  • Automatic replenishment & material supply (eKanban)
  • Automatic plausibility check of boxes & containers for the assembly line
  • Process stability and simplification of variant production
  • Just in Sequence – Provision for the right sequence”
  • Securing the linefeeding specifications
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INTRANAV Tool and Robotic Handling

Digitalization Solution

  • Tool and Robotic Tracking
  • Monitoring and logging of screwdriving processes
  • Avoidance of FOD
  • Predictive maintenance
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