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Sensor Data Monitoring

Real-time location tracking

Condition monitoring for secure supply chain management

Freight and sensitive objects must be stored and transported according to international standards. This can be interrupted or non-compliance due to failures, ranging from spoilage to actual dangerous situations. INTRANAV SMART sensors enable permanent monitoring of various conditions (pressure, IMU – rotation and movement, humidity, shock and acceleration). In case of exceeding or falling below the standard value, our INTRANAV.IO platform suite issues a warning message.

Challenges of condition monitoring of objects
in the supply chain

  • Monitoring of the pressure condition

    No seamless and end-to-end control over compliance with storage and transportation policies possible. Problematic in case of changed aggregate states as a trigger for chemical processes.


    Storage and transport safety through pressure condition monitoring of materials and production goods, enables continuous control and compliance with storage and transport guidelines.

  • Black box: Monitoring the temperature status

    Proof and continuous temperature control of compliance with storage and transport guidelines has been very costly up to now.


    Continuous temperature monitoring and assurance along the supply chain for increased storage and transport safety.

  • Air humidity monitoring

    Sensitive goods, food or chemicals can so far only be monitored with expensive technology, but this is usually not possible without interruptions (e.g. for corrosion monitoring or food containers).


    Maintenance, control and proof of constant humidity along the supply chain for increased storage and transport security.

Increased process reliability and control
through integrated SMART sensors

  • 1

    Process safety

    Condition monitoring (pressure, temperature, rotation and movement, temperature, humidity, shock, acceleration) enables timely intervention in case of deviations from standard values or proof of non-compliance with transport regulations for returning goods.

  • 2

    Transparency and clarity

    Using the INTRANAV.IO Suite it is possible to check at any time at which position on the shop floor or international areas the cargo is currently located and in which container or box which condition values prevail.

  • 3

    Timely warnings

    In case of deviations from predefined status values, you can receive a warning message via the INTRANAV.IO Suite and thus intervene in time.

Integrated sensor data monitoring for compliance with storage and transport regulations

Get to know how you can use INTRANAV SMART sensors for reliable sensor data monitoring of your objects, freight and vehicles.

Sensor data monitoring

Indoor, yard & global management

  • Precise positioning of the forklift truck fleet on the shop floor (indoor) and in the yard (outdoor) through live display on the INTRANAV.IO map
  • Route and vehicle utilisation optimisation
  • Automated triggering of processes (e.g. door opening, warning lights, etc.)
  • Cargo monitoring by INTRANAV SMART sensors
  • Warnings in case of dangerous situations, process interruptions or if unauthorised zones are entered on the premises
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Cold chain monitoring

Indoor, yard & global management

  • Storage safety: compliance with the storage and transport guidelines
  • Transport safety: ensuring the transport guidelines, maintaining the cold chain
  • Monitoring for chemical and food containers
  • Warning messages in case of deviation from specified temperature limits
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Optimization through Sensor Data Monitoring
with the use of INTRANAV

  • Increased security

    Receiving alerts on impact with people, vehicles and goods enables rapid interaction. In addition, the aggregate states of sensitive goods are monitored, thus preventing dangerous situations.

  • Avoidance of faulty deliveries

    The condition of goods and production goods can be checked automatically before they leave the production hall. Thus you can reduce wrong deliveries to customers and increase your quality assurance.

  • Time saving

    Checking of deliveries is only necessary on a random basis. In case of deviations from predefined condition standard values, the container can be clearly identified and the freight can be thoroughly inspected for deviations, which enables timely returns.

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