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Collision Avoidance

Real-Time Location Tracking

Intelligent Collision Avoidance System for industrial vehicles

INTRANAV Collision Avoidance is a predictive driver assistance system for forklift trucks, milk runs, AGvs in the warehouse and motor vehicles in the yard. The emergency brake assistant warns the driver in case of danger, initiates emergency braking in combination with safety systems or supports the driver in critical situations with obstacles by automatically reducing the driving speed. Persons in the warehouse or yard are also protected by also being able to see the real-time position of vehicles, warning projectors signal the release of vehicles, and the additional use of beepers enables signal warnings in case of obstacles in the yard.
Collisions are thus significantly reduced and possible collisions can be predicted by using real-time location data and the networking of all shopfloor attendants, so that they do not occur in the first place.

Challenges in
Transport Safety Management

Indoor & Yard Management

  • Personal injury, material and vehicle damage due to collisions

    Unseen areas or passages are often grey areas for all those involved in the store floor, where vehicles cannot react in time, increasing the risk of accidents.


    Overview of the entire shopfloor as well as areas that are being used at any given moment. As well as warnings, for approaching objects/persons.

  • Inefficiencies and idle time when selecting transport routes

    Manual route selection cannot anticipate the current traffic situation, resulting in traffic jams, extended travel times or incidents.


    A predictive, adaptive routing system that predicts and automatically suggests a new transport route to drivers in case of traffic jams or high route utilization.

  • Wastage of energy resources

    Automatic door opening of passing vehicles, constant speed adjustments, detours through traffic jams and other situations lead to a high consumption of resources and wear and tear.


    Efficient transport control and energy-saving use of automated control systems.

Real-Time Location Data as the basis for a secure
and intelligent transport flow

  • 1

    Prozesssicherheit des gesamten industriellen Transportflusses

    Vehicles (autonomous, non-autonomous) and people are digitally networked with each other and can thus react proactively to dangerous situations. A precise distance measurement (up to ± 10 cm based on UWB, as well as technology independent expandable).

  • 2

    Real-time alerts to prevent and mitigate critical situations

    Alerts indicate collision hazards in real time, helping to prevent accidents.

  • 3

    Efficiency & collision avoidance through zone-based speed limitation

    Due to the dynamic speed reduction when controlling roller doors or production lines, compliance with safety precautions is guaranteed.

RTLS Collision Avoidance for secure transport flows
and efficient logistics processes

Together with partners, such as transport providers of control systems, INTRANAV developed solutions such as collision avoidance and assistance navigation, which can have direct access to vehicle control (autonomous, non-autonomous) and warning systems.

Collision warning system

Indoor & Yard Management

  • INTRANAV.IO displays approaching vehicles, persons and objects with an accuracy of up to ± 10 cm via the Digital Twin platform.
  • As soon as the specified safety distance is exceeded, the driver receives a warning message via our IoT platform.
  • In addition, so-called auto-blocking can force the vehicle to stop or reduce speed to avoid collisions.
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“Look around the corner” with the Predictive Collision System

Indoor & Yard Management

  • People, vehicles and objects are recognized by transport vehicle drivers through the real-time location data via the Digital Twin. This means that the driver is able to see whether an employee or a vehicle is behind a corner, aisle or locked gate and can thus take evasive action in good time if oncoming objects are in the warehouse or production.
  • INTRANAV.IO issues a warning message if there should be a vehicle or persons in the immediate vicinity or behind a locked gate.
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Dynamic release for driving on logistics areas that are not accessible

Indoor & Yard Management

  • INTRANAV.IO issues a warning message if a vehicle or persons should be in the immediate vicinity or behind a locked gate.
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Adaptive Routing

Indoor & Yard Management

  • With INTRANAV, vehicles (autonomous, non-autonomous) are able to find a new transport route autonomously in the event of traffic jams or high route utilization, thanks to real-time location and routing algorithms.
    In this case, an optimal alternative route is suggested to the vehicle, which is based on the safest and shortest route and a route with low traffic volume in order to avoid queues and route congestion.

    The high flexibility of the dynamic procedure is achieved by the exchange of constant real-time location and control information.

    The goal is to ensure efficient and even transport route utilization, whereby unused secondary routes are also included in the route planning to ensure an optimized and safe transport and material flow.
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Speed reduction when heading a rolling shutter gate, dynamic door opening & visual alerting

Indoor & Yard Management

  • Speed reduction when controlling a roller door, dynamic opening of the door and visual alarm
  • Roller doors detect the direction of travel of passing vehicles, the opening is only performed when specifically controlled. SMART sensors, which are integrated in the INTRANAV.RTLS TAGs, high-speed doors communicate the direction of travel of passing vehicles. With this intelligent solution, you save energy and at the same time the wear and tear on the doors is significantly reduced.
  • High-speed doors recognize access-authorized vehicles/drivers, doors are only opened upon authorization
  • Warning projectors or Andon lamps can be coupled with INTRANAV so that people are also visually warned of passing transport vehicles.
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Personnel security in the yard: Loading of trucks & general transport

Indoor & Yard Management

  • Persons in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle are reliably detected with INTRANAV so that dangerous situations are avoided during loading.
  • The additional use of beepers warns of danger of collision in the open field
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Safety optimization and risk reduction through
INTRANAV Collision Avoidance

  • Less collision damage,
    reduction of accident risks

  • Increase of
    Productivity &
    Process reliability

  • Resource efficiency
    & time saving

  • Reduction of energy costs,
    prevention of wear

INTRANAV Project procedure

  • Our RTLS experts will review your current logistics and production processes with you, then we will advise you on the optimization potential we recommend for your company through INTRANAV real-time positioning and process automation.

    With our INTRANAV Live Demo (on site or virtual) as well as in the INTRANAV showrooms, we present you suitable use cases how you can increase your productivity, efficiency and process reliability with our IoT platform, INTRALYTICS and Real-Time Location System (RTLS).

    This is followed by a detailed business case discussion, after which we start planning the project. If required, we will be happy to hold a workshop in which we will work out detailed potential analyses with you.

  • After completion of the conception & budgeting, we start with the project assignment, providing you with a realistic risk analysis and a communication plan, where mutual coordination phases are defined.

    We then plan the procurement with you and enter the kick-off phase of your project.

  • During the execution of the project plan, you can fully rely on our experienced project managers, who ensure quality assurance and professional control of your project at all times. You will also receive status reports at regular intervals, ensuring that you are always on track with your RTLS digitization strategy.

  • After timely implementation of our RTLS, the successful project completion and acceptance of all workaround information follows. If required, we are happy to provide training on how to achieve an efficient workflow through regular process analyses. In addition, our RTLS team of experts is always available for support and joint further development.

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