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INTRANAV Social Distance Management

Health Safety Environment
Digital COVID-19 protection: Free for new and existing customers.

Digital distance control: SDM ensures increased employee safety and continuous operational processes

Precise, data protection-compliant distance control enables the COVID-19 virus to be contained and rapid countermeasures to be initiated in the event of new infections. An efficient COVID-19 management according to the legal requirements is now possible with our Social Distance Management App! Largely scalable, quickly available SMART Distance RTLS technology ensures the safety of your employees and prevents shutdowns due to infection.

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Help your employees to keep their distance and secure your business processes in the long term through contact tracing

  • Digital distance protection zone

    SDM enables your employees to maintain the legally required minimum distance of 1.5 m by means of optical and acoustic warnings. If this distance is undercut for more than 5 seconds, a warning signal sounds. The distance tracking is called up to 10 cm accuracy up to once per second.
    The real-time location data is generated anonymously, no personal data is collected.

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  • Trace chains of infection

    Areas where COVID-19 patients are present and contact zones can be traced, identified and immediately blocked. Employees who have had contact with the sick person’s living areas can be notified immediately to take subsequent protective measures. In an emergency, SDM enables you to make data-based decisions and assess the situation quickly and clearly, depending on the intensity of contact within the company.

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  • Anticyclic people flow

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      Anticyclic people flow

      Avoidance of crowd accumulation through anti-cyclical control of personnel routes. Additional warning area traffic lights help employees to recognize the danger level of the respective area.

  • Organize highly frequented areas

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      Organize highly frequented areas

      Avoidance of staff accumulation by specifying and/or proposing individual routes.

  • Avoid & protect risk groups

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      Avoid & protect risk groups

      (Health) risk groups can be actively circulated or separated if necessary to avoid unnecessary contact. Immediate quarantine zones help to isolate ill persons in worst-case situations and keep healthy persons at a distance.

  • Detection of contaminated materials

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      Detection of contaminated materials

      Tools and working materials of infected employees can be detected and blocked by a protective radius.

  • Keyless Entry

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      Keyless Entry

      INTRANAV.IO (RTLS IoT platform) can be coupled to opening systems to open, adjust or convert doors, gates and workstation equipment automatically and contact-free.

  • Comply with hygiene regulations

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      Comply with hygiene regulations

      If desired, INTRANAV.SDM can also provide information on compliance with hygiene guidelines within the company.

Reliable SMART Distance RTLS technology

  • Data protection compliant

    INTRANAV.SDM Location data is generated anonymously and has no reference to persons or personal data. Only the end user decides how and for what purpose the data is to be further used; third parties have no access.

  • Largely scalable

    Due to the fast and flexible scalability we offer companies an implementation for up to 400,000 employees per location.

  • Awarded measuring accuracy

    Our RTLS system was awarded first place by Microsoft in 2016, and then in 2017 in a row, for the highest real-time location accuracy, which is of utmost importance for current security measures.

Reliable IoT security
below the highest data protection level

The ultra-wideband based INTRANAV RTLS technology already has a clear advantage over other positioning technologies (such as WLAN or Bluetooth), because the signal does not interfere with other technologies and delivers position data accurate to ±10cm.

  • Technology on the latest data protection level
  • No personal data is collected!
    Precise Ultra-Wideband RTLS Technology
  • Compared to WLAN or GPS, the positioning accuracy with INTRANAV UWB is up to 150 x more accurate (15m to 10cm).
  • Instant protection through Plug & Play system
  • SDM App can be used immediately after installation, no maintenance effort.

Free of charge for new and existing customers

Healthy employees are your most valuable asset

Plug & Play – INTRANAV.SDM App can be used immediately

With INTRANAV, this client already contributes to increased employee safety:

Highest process transparency through
INTRANAV real-time location data

You want to know how you can make your processes more efficient with real-time tracking?

Our team will be happy to advise you with comprehensive know-how out of the RTLS world!