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Real-time location for
Automated Guided Vehicles

Frankfurt am Main/Linz, 25.06.2019

INTRANAV extends its RTLS solution for driverless transport systems 

INTRANAV will use its real-time localization system (RTLS) to orchestrate and control driverless transport systems (AGVs). At the Austrian Logistics Day from June 26 to 27 in Linz IntraNav will present the system for the first time in the Startup Corner.

INTRANAV will use its tracking system for Industry 4.0 to control and orchestrate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). This will enable companies to increase safety when using driverless transport vehicles and to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in transport routes

“Within a few years we have managed to develop the most precise real-time localization solution on the market”, says Ersan Günes, founder and CEO of IntraNav, “We are already using the technology very successfully in intralogistics and tool control. By extending the solution to autonomous transport vehicles we are entering an important future market”.

Real-time data increases security

INTRANAV collects information about all assets in motion in the industry. The data comes from numerous sources, including UWB, 5G, Beacons, GPS as well as ERP, EMS and WMS systems and is processed in real time. This enables fast and flexible control of the means of transport.

“To ensure safety in the use of driverless transport systems, speed plays a major role. Self-propelled forklifts must be able to detect moving objects and persons in good time in order to take evasive action. With real-time data, we create more safety in the industry,” Günes continues.

INTRANAV develops individual solutions for each customer and application, for example to control mixed fleets of driverless and classic transport vehicles. The modular structure of the system makes this possible. INTRANAV thus supports companies that want to gradually integrate autonomous vehicles into their processes.

At the Austrian Logistics Day in Linz from June 26 to 27, INTRANAV will present its solution for autonomous vehicles for the first time. Visitors can inform themselves about the system and its implementation in the Startup Corner.


INTRANAV is a German Real-Time Location & Sensor Data Service Provider for industrial platforms for the integration of the Artificial Digital Twins. With the digitization and provision of real-time position data of industrial goods, transport vehicles and people with centimeter accuracy, the INTRANAV RTLS IoT platform contributes to a significant increase in efficiency and process reliability through the automation of logistics and production processes, such as Auto-ID solutions, paperless factory, AGV management, vehicle navigation, real-time material flow and shop floor management, and thus to the realization of the smart factory or digital supply chain. In addition to real-time data applications for the Digital Twin, INTRANAV also provides Big Data-Real-Time Location analyses from a platform suite, enabling companies to identify significant process optimizations and make data-based decisions. Customers and partners of INTRANAV are global companies such as Volkswagen, Daimler, SAP and DB Schenker.

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