Process Virtualization Platform


The INTRANAV RTLS process virtualisation platform controls dynamic automation processes in the warehouse, in production & in the yard

We track industrial assets in motion and help our customers to increase overall efficiency and reduce manual handling in manufacturing and intralogistics. The main goal is to reduce manual handling in manufacturing and intralogistics and to replace non-value-added activities with quality-assuring, value-added processes. INTRANAV’s innovative process virtualization platform enables software-driven process automation, revolutionizing the real-time location-based “Digital Twin”. Touch- and Endpoint technology enable massive savings in RTLS hardware costs. INTRANAV software applications provide process optimization and quality assurance for the entire logistics, transport and manufacturing handling.

INTRANAV VIRTUAL Process Solutions

Companies use real-time data to master the challenges of industrial digitization. With the digital twin and virtualization, new opportunities arise for tracking and process automation.

VIRTUAL Warehouse Solution

Process Virtualization and Automation

  • Virtualization and tracking of the forklift fleet
  • Virtual transport and goods process management based on end-point detection
  • End-to-end real-time visibility and digitization of the entire flow of goods and transport (assets, load carriers, vehicles) for intralogistics and the yard
  • Automatic order pool processing from central systems (ERP, WMS, MES)
  • Automated warehouse control through warehouse triggers and process virtualization
  • Scannerless “eCommerce Logistics” with RFID & UWB Technology
  • Route optimization through navigation and route utilization reports
  • Safety management for collision avoidance
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VIRTUAL Manufacturing Solution

Process Virtualization and Automation

  • Order Matching with RTLS
  • Real-time location along the production line
  • Automatic cycle feedback on the production line: INTRANAV transmits real-time data to SAP ERP
  • Elimination of scanning and booking steps
  • Automatic plausibility check of components
  • Automatic order transfer during rack changes
  • Cycle-related automation triggers
  • Production controlling
  • Dynamic material replenishment
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