Partner Case Study: Fast-find inventory SMART asset tracking for demanding automotive applications

For a global leading German automotive manufacturer, together with our partners Wirepas and ELA Innovation, we implemented in the shortest amount of time a cross-site, fully automated inventory solution with real-time location functionality via the INTRANAV.IO Digital Twin platform.
This automotive manufacturer’s logistics team needed a solution that could quickly locate one of thousands of models in warehouses totaling 1.8 hectares across two locations in real-time. Each individual model must be able to be linked to TAGs, documentation, warehouse status, and other data.

Read the Partner Case Study to learn how you, as an automotive or aerospace manufacturer, or in the healthcare sector, can benefit from total coverage and low-cost retrofit through Wirepas technology coupled with the INTRANAV IoT platform, by simple and multi-site inventory handling, including search functions, inventory history, alerts & reminders, and automatic component registration!

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