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NEWS: INTRANAV wurde von Inpixon übernommen, dem Innovator von Indoor Intelligence für Menschen, Orte und Dinge. Website besuchen.  |  MITTEILUNG LESEN


INTRANAV Material Flow Solution

The complexity in manufacturing processes increases constantly, making the prevailing material flow monitoring methods reach their limits.

INTRANAV-Production-Suite’s new automated processes and workflow software modules help to avoid errors and decrease search times significantly. With the new INTRANAV.APP “Order Matching” and “Flow Status”, materials & shipments with their respective order numbers and accompanying documents, can be tracked end-to-end as a whole. Inconvenient paper handling and time-consuming steps are a thing of the past.

With the APP “Flow Status” you can analyze bottlenecks with KPIs such as dwell times, throughput duration, unnecessary stops, malfunctions, delays, process length or the total time it took for a full cycle to complete. The generated real-time location data helps you to identify optimization potential on the production line and detect weak and wasteful spots. With an automated and intuitive database, retrograde analysis and calculations can be performed at any time, giving you an overview of the past with the potential to minimize the planning effort and production forecast of your material flow in the future.

Discover INTRANAV Applications for intelligent and predictive material flow processes!

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