Intelligent Collision Avoidance System for industrial vehicles

Did you know that collision avoidance is also covered through real-time location data? INTRANAV Collision Avoidance is a predictive driver assistance system for forklifts, trucks, milkruns, AGVs in the warehouse and transport vehicles in the yard. The emergency brake assistant warns the driver in case of danger, initiates emergency braking in combination with safety systems or supports the driver in critical situations with obstacles by automatically reducing the driving speed.

Personnel in the warehouse or yard have also access to the real-time location position of vehicles, where they can get warnings in safety critical situations. The coupling with INTRANAV.IO to warning projectors helps to give a visual signal to personnel to display path release or blocking, so that gates or crossings are better secured. Additional use of beepers enable acoustical signal warnings in case of obstacles in the yard.

Collisions can be significantly reduced and predicted using real-time location data, by networking of all shopfloor attendants!