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INTRANAV Workforce Safety Modul (WSM)

[ Health Safety Environment ]
Real-time person location for security zones in industrial environments

Increase employee safety
in hazardous environments

With its Workforce Safety Module (WSM), the INTRANAV IoT RTLS platform offers a solution for the digital factory tailored to personal protection. With INTRANAV WSM you get an intelligent digital alarm card with fall detection as well as continuous real-time information about the position and location of your personnel in safety-relevant areas such as steel mills, metal foundries, drilling platforms, production facilities, robot cells, and machine equipment, mines, and underground mines.

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Be at the right place at the right time

  • Indoor and outdoor live-monitoring of persons aims at ensuring that personnel stay exclusively in the designated areas. This ensures, for example, that drilling work in the wrong place is avoided. The placement of virtual zones (geofences) via the INTRANAV.IO IoT RTLS platform makes this possible, so that the system recognizes if an employee enters a danger zone, our platform (depending on the settings) gives an immediate warning. When connected to door systems, a door blocker can also be set, which only opens access for authorized personnel.
    In case of an emergency, the location information helps to ensure fast reaction times, so that fault clearance and rescue measures can be initiated in time.

  • One of the most important functions of WSM is the determination of incidents. It is not uncommon for technicians to take up to 60 minutes to arrive at the right place in the event of a fault. In addition, it is usually not possible to determine whether this person is the right contact person for the incident. By using the INTRANAV WSM, information about the technician’s areas of responsibility is stored digitally (Paperless Factory). This makes it possible to immediately find the right contact person for the problem and to solve the process interruption within the shortest possible time.

  • With the help of the INTRANAV app, the technician can then be navigated to the right place where the problem occurred. Costs arising from waiting times and downtime, for example on the production line, can be reduced massively with our technology.

  • Location-Based Services also enable you to have an overview of all special resources at a glance. Based on this information, you can derive strategic measures (e.g. tactical placement of these resources) and thus contribute to increasing process reliability.

  • By using integrated motion & vital data sensors (INTRANAV SMART Sensors), movements can be continuously analyzed (e.g. falls) so that dangerous situations can be detected quickly and efficiently. The INTRANAV software ensures that current position data can be tracked at any time and, if necessary, checked afterwards.
    Benefit from the use of RTLS technology in combination with our RTLS platform and have position data displayed in real-time. Changing positions or even possible dangers for your employees can be tracked immediately. Countermeasures can be derived in time.

INTRANAV Real-Time Tracking &
Sensor Data Monitoring Features

Locating people for security purposes

  • 3D tracking with
    up to ± 10 cm accuracy

  • Falling detection and
    vital data monitoring

  • Real-time alerts

  • Danger monitoring


  • Freely definable
    virtual zones

  • Location specific

  • Connection to
    protection devices

  • Adaptive dashboards with
    comprehensive analytics

Ihre INTRANAV Workforce Safety Benefits

  • Real-time location of people inside buildings as well as outside
  • Increase of work safety
  • Immediate as well as event-specific reaction possibility in case of accidents
  • Reduction of downtimes of automatic and manual systems
  • Optimization of resource planning
  • Automated suggestions for process improvement
  • Secure coordination and monitoring of access restrictions

It’s that simple!

Finally process transparency with

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