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INTRANAV Global Valuable Shipping

Digital Supply Chain

Global Track & Trace as well as Sensor Data Monitoring of your load carriers

With INTRANAV you track your load carriers globally in real-time and monitor them with INTRANAV SMART sensors. This allows you to intervene in time in case of condition deviations during transport (as well as in standing position) to avoid dangerous situations.

Digital Supply Chain Monitoring

  • INTRANAV.IO Shipments is a digital supply chain management system that enables real-time monitoring and tracking of shipments and goods transports. It provides global visibility and transparency, enables tracking of planned stopovers and calculates scheduled arrival times. This tool is of particular interest to logistics planners who need a quick response to delays and want a customizable and complete tracking history for analysis. It is also good for companies that transport sensitive goods, as it provides continuous monitoring of the condition of the goods and issues real-time alerts when thresholds are deviated from.

  • Often safety containers are subject to strict official regulations and are therefore declared as dangerous goods due to their load (including lithium-ion batteries).

    An external temperature sensor can determine values within the container in real-time, which increases process reliability by permanently monitoring the lithium-ion batteries. The INTRANAV Real-Time Location System supports container management in minimizing the risk of temperature damage that could occur during transport or storage of the lithium-ion batteries. If during transport, the range between -40° and 80°, is exceeded or undercut, a notification is generated to warn of temperature override. This notification can be sent via SMS, e-mail or any other supported medium to a responsible contact.

  • The (Safety-) containers are made of solid stainless steel and represent a high value as a asset itself. The determination of the position from our GPS solution does not only help to digitize (Digital Twin) and track, but also serves as theft protection.

  • If defective or damaged lithium-ion batteries are transported, INTRANAV can be used as an early warning system. By monitoring the inside of the container, the thermal reaction of a battery can be detected and reported by a notification. By detecting the chemical reaction, further safety measures can be initiated. E.g. evacuation of hall areas or leaving motorways during transport from escaping hydrofluoric acid. To protect employees, the early warning system can be taken much faster.

  • With INTRANAV Sensor Data Monitoring you can prove with the INTRANAV.IO IoT Platform in real time or via reports that transport guidelines such as temperature, air pressure, acceleration (vibration) were adhered to or if there was a deviation. Deliveries with breakage or similar are thus immediately detectable.

INTRANAV Real-Time & Sensor Data Monitoring Features

Plug & Play Cloud Solution

  • Digital Twin of your load carriers

  • Condition monitoring with
    INTRANAV SMART sensors

  • Real-time alerts

  • Hazard monitoring


  • 2D/3D Zones and Events

  • Storage safety

  • Transport safety

  • App for damage reports

Ihre INTRANAV Benefits

  • Maximum process reliability
  • Control of the transport conditions
  • Theft protection
  • Reduce search times
  • Reduction of current operating costs through AUTO-ID
  • Employee safety through Sensor Data Monitoring
  • Proof of compliance with transport conditions
  • Automated load carrier management through zone based events
  • Coupling to SAP, Analytics and many other systems (open interface)

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Full process transparency with

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