Whitepaper: Track & Trace in hospitals

The healthcare sector is facing the challenge of digital transformation. Particularly within a hospital and its ecosystem, consisting of various clinics, rescue service care, patients and visitors, key challenges arise in day-to-day work. These include mastering the existing shortage of specialists as well as the complex processes with many interfaces and the involved stakeholders.

In the new whitepaper “Track & Trace in hospitals” (GER only “Track & Trace im Krankenhaus”), our consulting partner umlaut presents how a holistic approach can be used to advance the piecewise digitization of individual work steps on the basis of a real-time location system-based process optimization for the entire hospital.

Different location technologies such as RFID, WLAN, BLE and Ultra-Wideband, which can all be facilitated by the multimodal INTRANAV.RTLS infrastructure and managed in one ecosystem by the INTRANAV.IO RTLS platform, will be examined and compared for their suitability for use in hospitals. 

➜ Read the “Track & Trace im Krankenhaus” Whitepaper

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