Virtualizes it´s material transport with INTRANAV and optimizes the production process through material flow analyses

In one of the world’s most modern and efficient factories for scaffolding and formwork systems, at the Günzburg site, PERI uses INTRANAV to track the transport and material flow of its produced goods, which are stacked from the welding plant fully automatically in racks and transported by automated guided vehicles (AGV) to the galvanizing plant.

The entire material transport is virtualized via the Digital Twin and is traceable in real-time. INTRANAV.IO displays the live production progress showing the transport orders of the AGVs and their quantities. In case of malfunctions or bottlenecks, alarms indicate the process deviation so that responsible persons can intervene immediately. Retrograde material flow analyses support the continuous optimization of the production process.

By automated information flows, the virtual FIFO process in the material buffer ensures lean production adherence. Digital process documentation also serves as an enabler for paperless production!

You can soon read about how PERI digitizes its processes through real-time location tracking and optimizes the resource utilization of AGVs with transport flow analyses in an upcoming case study!

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