INTRANAV Paperless Factory:
Digital manufacturing information for intelligent production control

INTRANAV replaces paper-based production with a proactive, digital manufacturing process with centimeter-accurate real-time location technology in combination with the latest e-ink displays. The Paperless Factory solution enables your production processes to be designed error-free and manufacturing information to be recorded, digitized and displayed in real-time. The conventional, manual documentation process and the associated time expenditure are completely eliminated. Business rules and workflows can be enforced automatically, which improves process quality and reduces costs. Work instructions are prioritized and displayed to workers in the correct sequence on the E-Ink displays to maintain and expedite proper manufacturing execution. 

The INTRANAV Digital Twin platform, in connection with ERP, MES or PP systems, makes it possible to systematically check and monitor all manufacturing activities throughout the process, resulting in higher process stability and significantly shortening the final inspection phases. In the field or during assembly, process violations can be quickly identified and corrected by warning notifications or process blockages.

The real-time dashboards and reports of the INTRANAV platform support you in analyzing the recorded production information and optimizing your processes.

Benefit from:

● Fast and error-free work instructions in real-time

● Increased productivity through live interaction and real-time updates

● Reduction in throughput time and increase in production performance

▶️ Learn more: INTRANAV Paperless Factory

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