Intelligent AGV Management

5 RTLS solutions for assistance AGV guiding & control

The INTRANAV AGV Management enables you to collect all transport orders as an order pool and to optimize all movement sequences, as well as ensuring an automated exchange of information and status by linking other shopfloor participants (assets, vehicles and persons). In this way, different priorities can be assigned and the AGVs can be automatically allocated to open orders depending on availability and position. The assigned areas and the given KPIs, local conditions, and resource characteristics are taken into account.

Automated transport order calculations (such as priorities, routes, technical AGV suitability) reduce search times, avoid empty runs and make optimum use of your resources. Based on the current workload, performance indicators (KPIs) are compared and planned scaling effects are initiated. Achieve unique optimization of all significant KPIs. Benefit from adaptive AGV routing, dynamic order assignment, assistance AGV guiding, resource control, real-time monitoring and KPI optimization, combined in a holistic IoT RTLS platform!