06.11.2020 Madlen Schuster

Intelligent material flow (eKanban) for an efficient material replenishment

Kanban production enables logistics companies to control the supply chain in a particularly cost-optimized way through the multi-level integration chain. One part of it is the provision of materials in production, with eKanban this replenishment process works automatically, so that a fast and steady flow is created by the pulling production. Risks and costs can be better calculated and minimized at the same time.

By digitizing the material supply with INTRANAV, through automation, controlling and tracing of the entire production process, delays can be avoided and agile reactions to deviations in the process are possible at an early stage. The combination of eKanban and real-time location production tracking, both managed via our INTRANAV.IO platform, enables flexible deployment and adaptation of production workflows as well as a forward-looking determination of requirements.

Find out, what you can do to automate and improve your material replenishment process!