How can we orchestrate complex Technologies on the march to Industry 4.0? Tune in now to the newest episode of The IoT Podcast where we spoke to Ersan Guenes, the Co-Founder and CEO at INTRANAV, a leading location and data service provider to find out how the Technology transformations in Industry 4.0 are paving the way to complete automation in the SMART Factory and Warehouse.

Ersan explores:

◾️ The transition of Sensor Connectivity
◾️The role of INTRANAV orchestrating automation in Factories and Warehouses
◾️The dominance of UWB Technology to optimise future Applications within Industry 4.0.
◾️RTLS implementation to fuel the Industrial Economy in the pandemic and beyond
◾️How the SMART Factory will impact IIoT future deployments

Episode 10 of The IoT Podcast, available to stream now:

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