INTRANAVs technology-independent central data hub allows you to send data from your shop floor to any desired interface. When INTRANAV.IO informs other systems, e.g. SAP about an event that has occurred, the system does not need to poll (cyclic request) to learn about the event. This process makes our data exchange much faster and more intelligent. Your own shop floor, as well as all other locations within the supply chain, can benefit from your real-time data, it can be sent to other systems such as SAP, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, etc. and trigger the desired processes, e.g. order status entry, automatic goods posting, retrofitting, dispatching or purchase orders and many others: INTRANAV.IO.

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  • Success Story: “Safety Box” – INTRANAV.IO Shipment Manager: Respond in real-time and proactively to supply chain disruptions

    One of the largest, international automotive manufacturers reacts proactively and in real-time to supply chain disruptions and ensures transport processes of safety boxes and containers. Through world-wide shipment tracking with the INTRANAV.IO Shipment Manager, tracking monitoring, alerting, sensor data control of transportation conditions, predicted time of arrival and theft protection helps our client to stay […]

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    Intelligent AGV Management 5 RTLS solutions for assistance AGV guiding & control The INTRANAV AGV Management enables you to collect all transport orders as an order pool and to optimize all movement sequences, as well as ensuring an automated exchange of information and status by linking other shopfloor participants (assets, vehicles and persons). In this […]

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  • Digital Automation & Collaboration for your SMART Warehouse

    Digital Automation & Collaboration for your SMART Warehouse Industry 4.0 provides various technology solutions for automatic identification (AutoID), such as UWB, RFID (and others), which can all be implemented and managed with the INTRANAV.IO Multi-Technology Stack platform. INTRANAV Real-Time Location Data is the prerequisite for reliable and automatic order status bookings, as well as freight […]

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