15.10.2020 Madlen Schuster, Ersan Günes

Global Ultra-Wideband adoption together with INTRANAV

Great news from Apple and Xiaomi this week: The popularity of Ultra-Wideband grows and grows. We believe it will be the next big thing for commercial and of course industrial applications.

Apple released its new iPhone and HomePod line up. This shows that Apple’s U1 chip is part of the high-profile product line of iPhone 12 & 11, HomePod and the Apple Watch Series 6 – which will be the first UWB carrying product lineup for the masses, showing the vision of the interconnected future becomes reality. Smart home devices can seamlessly connect and interact with each other.

Alongside with Xiaomi who adopted the groundbreaking UWB Technology into their latest mobile devices for building a smarter ecosystem.
We at INTRANAV are very excited about this development, because it means a global UWB adoption in all areas such as smart home, smart cities, smart factory & warehouses, smart logistics, and digital supply chain solutions!

The UWB Alliance also predicts an explosive growth of UWB devices, with an adoption curve of over 1 BILLION DEVICES ANNUAL by 2025.

As Samsung also launches its Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone with UWB, global connectivity ecosystems will soon be intertwined and benefit from each other.