Digital Twin and process integration of all assets and RTLS technologies

Independently of what technologies you choose to organize your logistics and production processes with, INTRANAV integrates the most suitable RTLS technology for your use case, using our own UWB and GPS stack or third-party provider technology, such as BLE Wirepas Massive, RFID or 5G. We integrate them into the INTRANAV.IO RTLS platform enabling a homogeneous real-time data and process integrity. With the combination of RFID or QR code and UWB, virtual warehouse solutions enable the digital twin for a wide range of applications and reduce manual processes end-to-end. Through industrial interfaces, INTRANAV.IO integrates the generated data into all relevant logistics and production systems such as ERP, EWM, PP, CRM, databases, Power BI as well as allowing a structured data export.

Equipped sensors on our latest VehicleTAG+, indicate the vehicle direction, which increases process reliability. Furthermore, fork and mast sensors determine e.g. the loading status and fork height, enabling reliable in- and outbound processes without the need for tagging pallets.

➡️ Learn now how to achieve 100% process transparency and real-time location-based automation solutions with multi-RTLS technology!

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